Jul 9, 2011


Welcome to our new blog, we are glad you stopped by!

We are Jan and Heather the Diva Sista's!

Diva by definition has a bit of a bad reputation to some, but not to us.

Our definition of Diva is slightly different:


used to describe a person who exudes great style and personality with confidence and expresses their own style and not letting others influence who they are or want to be. A person whose character makes them stands out from the rest. A person who tries to achieve what they want and who do not let people get in their way, and doing so with style and class. A woman who appreciates everything achieved in life's past knowing that it only adds to who they will become in life's future. An admired, glamorous, or distinguished woman

This is our definition of diva anyone can be a diva if you fall into any part of that definition. Woman are often overlooked and under appreciated and we think that is wrong, we think all woman are incredible and beautiful! Many of us do not get to feel like a diva very often and we think every woman should feel like a diva ALL the time! We are two regular girls with no jobs and to much to do and to many bills to pay! We still take the time to have fun and dress up (for no reason lol) and enjoy playing diva and feeling good about ourselves! We love life and enjoy fashoin, style, decorating and creating. We wanted a way to share our fun, family ideas and tips and anything else that comes up, so we decided to venture into the blogging world! Blogging is a great way to meet new people and get ideas and share. We hope to get to know our readers friends and connect with you all and have fun and enjoy being DIVAS together!

Here is a little about us:

Hi I am Janice, friends and family call me Jan. I was born and New Hampshire raised in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I am a stay at home Mom (SAHM) of three boys ages 14-2 and 3 kitties. Yes, a teenager and a toddler and believe me it is crazy at times!

I am currently a full time student at a local college working on my Bachelors Degree In Business Management, I just recently acquired my Associates in Business Management (June 2011). I love going to school and taking care of my family and am lucky enough to be able to do so. In my spare time, I love to create, craft, decorate and blog and I am a moderator an online forum. My other blogs are The Primitive Outhouse and My Creative Intuitions each of those are places for me to share my life and creations, I also have an Etsy Shop where I sell many of my handmades.

My style is country and primitive, but I also LOVE Shabby Chic and modern looks as well. When it comes to fashion and make-up I totally love it all, I sold Avon for 7 years and learned so much and had so much fun doing it! I am a very eclectic person, everything I create or decorate even down to the way I dress is a reflection of me and who I am! I use and make things I love and enjoy making for that reason and that reason only. My goal for this blog is to share all of that and more, from my family to my decorating and fashion style and alot of crafting.

I am doing this blog with my Sister In Law (Heather) so we will be able to share together what we know and pass it on to our readers friends! Hopefully it will bring her and I closer by working together talking about our passions and the trials and tribulations of life in general, because what is life without a BFF and a Blog to share it all with! I look forward to making new friends and sharing and learning with all of you!


Hello I am Heather, I was born and raised in Canada, and moved to New Hampshire when I was 13. It was a huge transition being a teenager and having to start over in a new country and never mind during Jr. high also. When I was 15 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Disease, which is a type of cancer. That was the toughest time of my life. Losing your hair in high school doesn't do much for your social life. I have been cancer free now for 10 years.

I married my best friend (Jan's Brother) last August and we bought our first home the week before, talk about stressful....Deep down I'm a party planner. I planned our wedding from the tent right down to the place cards I made. I'm a huge fan of quotes, poems, lots of different types of books, and movies. I absolutely love decorating. When myself and my husband first bought our house it was a blank canvas. So over the past year I have brought my own style into our home, which I will be sharing with you all!

I am currently unemployed and spend my days reading, writing, cleaning and taking care of my zoo that consists of 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 lizards. I am in love with animals and am currently going to college to get my pre-requisites for veterinary college. I also have a BS in Business Management and am tired of the same old office jobs that degree has brought me.

My Sister in law and I are starting this blog to share our experiences and love for many things. We'll have lots of different view points, which will make it fun. We have alot to share, from fashion to vacation spots we love. With this blog I hope we can share ideas and tips that people will find useful. But most of all I want to have fun and meet some awesome people along the way.

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