Jul 11, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

I am constantly changing my hair color, style and cut.
My philosophy is "its just hair, it will grow back, why not have some fun with it".
Its the one thing that you can change whenever you want with just a trip to the salon or a girlfriends house.

Feather extensions is a bohemian inspired trend, which are made of rooster plumes. Its the newest rage in the hair world. I didn't know about it till my hair stylist, and very good friend, called me and told me that her salon had gotten feathers in. She said it as the new thing and to come in and get some put in. The thing about  my stylist and I is that when something new and funky comes out, I'm always her "test dummy." She has never steered me wrong, or done anything that looks awful yet, so I put my "hair" in her hands and let her do whatever she feels like.

So that afternoon I went in to see what all the fuss is about. I sit down in the "test dummy" chair and she hands me a bunch of feathers to choose from. Every color you can imagine. So I went with a simple red and black feather, black and white feather, and an all black feather. For $35 you can't beat it. The process of deciding which ones I wanted took longer then putting them in. She "glued" them all together, and then attached them to my hair. Five minute process tops. Its exactly like getting hair extensions put in. They use an adhesive and a flat iron to attach it to your hair, and then you are good to go. They are really fun. you can still blow dry, straighten, curl, and style it how you normally do.

I had only one problem with them, I having been the first person she had done it to she put one in upside down. So every time I brushed my hair the feathers would be sticking out and facing the wrong direction lol. It was a real pain, so I cut that one out and no more problems. Yay!

I love them and I get lots of compliments and questions about them. What are they?  How do they stay in your hair? I've had them about a month and they aren't budging. I've read that they can last up to 6 weeks.
Its a cheap and fun way to spruce up your hair for the summer!


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