Jul 16, 2011

Need a night away?

Looking for a weekend, or even a night away? Adventure Suites, in North Conway, NH is the place to go. Its a fun and different hotel. You can tell your experience is going to be something else when you pull in the parking lot and see a village instead of a hotel. The outside of the building is a faux village, including a bank, a church and so much more.

 It only gets better when you walk through the door. The lobby is all Victorian and completely breath taking. They have a gift shop called the Vault, a billiards table, and a DVD library with tons of movies that a free for the night. There is free popcorn and a fire pit that they light every night. Every room has a 2 person or more Jacuzzi tub! My favorite part of the stay!! There are 17 different themed rooms, they range from $179 a night to $499 a night. Weekends are when the prices are the highest. Its a lot of money so my husband and I treat ourselves to one night there every year, and always a different room. So far we've stayed in the Victorian Spa, the Cave, the Deserted Island, and Showtime. They were all amazing! Every stay comes with a free breakfast in their Diner inspired kitchen. I could not tell you my favorite if I tried, they are all spectacular.

The Victorian Spa has heated floors, a fireplace, a sauna, a four poster bed, and the best of all a 2 person jacuzzi facing the mountains with two way glass, so you can see out and no one can see in.

The Cave has a water fall shower, a fireplace, a five person jacuzzi tub, and up the stairs an amazing king size bed. It looks exactly like a cave....bats and all.

The Deserted Island was fun. Two person jacuzzi tub, and an Oyster shaped bed that closes to a 45 degree angle. If you are an Elvis fan, this is the room for you. Elvis memorabilia everywhere. There is also a rope swing in the room!

Showtime is awesome. Fireplace, 2 person jacuzzi tub that looks out at a 10 foot projection screen. The cool thing about this is there is surround sound in the bathroom, so while you are relaxing in the tub you can watch, and hear perfectly whats going on on screen! It also has theater seating so you can bring the whole family.

We haven't decided what room will be our next treat, maybe the Pent House, the Tree House, or maybe the Dragons Lair! We also got word, last time we were there that there is another room in the making. Its going to be a Halloween room! How fun is that????

This is an experience you don't want to miss out on. Check them out on there website. You won't regret it :)
Has anyone been there? Share your experience with us.


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