Jan 6, 2012

Real Friends or Fake Friends...it's hard to tell.

I've learned a lot about friendships in the last few months. The ones that you've known for years, and you think will always be there, dump you like a pile of crap. And the ones that you'd least expect to stand by you do. It's odd how you think you know someone and you really don't.

Have you ever had a friend that only calls and comes around when they need something? And if you need something and ask for their help its like you asked them to dive into a pit of lava.
How about a friend that steals your best friend and turns her on you?
What about a friendship that you feel like they are always competing with you to be better and have better things?
Or how about a friend that always believes her boyfriend over you, her best friend? Especially when you show her proof that you are telling the truth that he's a dog.
How about a friend that is so nice to your face, and as soon as you leave you find out that they are talking about you?

It's so hard to tell if someone is being a true friend, or talking about you behind your back. How are you suppose to pick up on this stuff? Is there a class I can take so I can weed out the fake friends and the real ones? I feel like I need to do a background check to see if these people are who they claim to be.
I don't consider myself a bad friend, I actually think I'm pretty genuine. I do what I do to try and keep people safe. But as usual it blows up in my face.

People say "you can't judge a book by its cover," well that's one of the truest statements I've ever heard. Friends are suppose to be there no matter what, never talk behind your back, always support you with your decisions, tell you when you look fat in those pants, take all your secrets to the grave, and never ever turn on you because so and so said you said this or that. I hate that he said she said stuff. It always comes out scrambled and makes you look like the bad guy.

~Heather & Jan

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