Jan 6, 2012

New Addition to my Family

As you all know I am a huge animal person. I think I really need to own a farm someday :)
So this past October I went and got my hair done by one of my best friends Candice. As I'm sitting at the sink waiting for the dye to seep into my skull, a woman comes in with a crate full of kittens! They were about 9 weeks old and absolutely adorable. Candice picks up the odd ball (the only black one), plays with it for a minute and hands it to me. That was the wrong thing to do. The kitten instantly started purring and made himself comfy sleeping on my chest. I was sold! He was coming home with me, end of story. I was lucky because all the kittens were free, and that's my price.
I had been going through a rough patch and this is just the thing to perk me up. Something to love unconditionally, and get that back, and more in return.
I named him Buttons because he likes to play ALOT, and push all my other animals buttons (and sometimes mine). I was nervous first when I brought him home, but the dogs and cats took to him right away. 

He can totally be a pain in the butt, like right now he's trying to swat my fingers as I type, thinking that this is a game, and its all about him. But I love him, he was a great new addition to my furry family!

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